Yesterday I didn’t get that much sleep but I still insisted to stay up and watch Netflix series (I blame it on the hospital facilities from yesterday). I watched Marie Kondo and the art of sparking joy. Amazing little lady, swoops into the households like a true Disney princess, all smiles and humble. I only watched one episode but then got into something else so didn’t get to bed until 1:30. N woke up before 6 so up we go. I’m feeling kind of beat to be honest.

But of course the show must go on so off we go to the supermarket me and E and this was the highlight of the day. We spent time among bath bombs and hair accessories and then moved on to books. I picked up new fantastic cooking books (of course) and a new planer (you can’t have to many I feel) and E found a unicorn book with wise sayings (actually really good, emphasizing how great differences in persons are and how to make the best life for you). After an hour or so we continued to the food shopping that we actually came there for.

The rest of the day was a marathon with laundry, cooking, ironing and children. But when they are all in bed I will look though my new planer with joy (maybe watch some more of Marie K as well;-))


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