Each day provides its own gifts. – Marcus Aurelius

And they all need to be planned ;-). Today I bumped into another nice tool (I do like tools), OmniFocus. I’m trying the free version for the moment (as per usual) and I’m loving it! It gives me the opportunity to plan my life in small nicely manageable pieces in the shape of projects. I have set up both my 365 projects, private commitments including homework and activities for the kids, cleaning out the house projects and even work. It then all flows through nicely to the calendar (in their program) which also has my other calenders flowing through, brilliant! It tells me when I have to do certain things, reminds me to review the progress, and uses tags so I can easily find them when needed (so if I’m around in town I can choose the tag errands and it tells me all of the things that need to be done regardless of what project they below to). All in one place, and shared between all my devices (I have even signed up for their trial version online so I can connect at work where I, unfortunately, don’t have a Mac) so happy!



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