Today we all woke up at 5. E’s friend who stayed the night woke up from a nightmare and could not go back to sleep. The tv came on to let the nightmare melt away to the tube of Disney soundtracks. Lots of coffee was drunk and for some reason blue baths were taken at 7. Then onwards to the basket match where I was to stand in the kiosk selling food items for the team. We left at 12 after a fairly hectic selling. Going home I realized that the friend that had just stayed over had two other friends from the team staying over at her house that night. And my thoughts started to go towards pointless questions wondering why my daughter very rarely gets invited. I wondered if it’s due to her personality or the lack of relationships from our side. I’m not sure what the reason is but I know now after this project that it’s hard to change completely and over night, especially when you don’t know where the problem sits.

Next year her class will be mixed again, which gives us a golden moment to create new friends both for her and for us. The opportunities are endless!


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