Today has been a day of cleaning and clearing up and headache. It’s strange how you always in some way have to “pay for” having a nice time of some sort. The night was filled with N moving restlessly (most likely due to the fact that I was not here to put him to bed last night) and then E had an accident in bed so I had to get up and change everything. It was extremely difficult going back to bed after that (all the snoring around did not help). When I woke up this morning (at 6 of course) I was knackered already. The morning and most of the day was spent cleaning and clearing up in the house as A had friends coming over in the afternoon and we had not cleaned for at least three weeks. Then I managed to get some Yoga in with the Sweat app which was great, the focus was back again.

I’m now sitting waiting for the husband to bring pizza to the table, while I drink a glass of wine (not the healthiest of choices but you got to live as well!).


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