You are always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past. – Richard Bach

Today I’m investing time in my relationship with my daughter. I choose to have a great future with her and will, therefore, spend more one on one time with her. She is the middle child and although we don’t forget about her, she tends to fall in between chairs as we say here in Sweden. The little one takes up a lot of time just by being little (and opinionated) and the oldest have schoolwork that needs to be monitored more now. So today we went out for lunch (her choice of restaurant) and then to watch a film at the cinema topped off with going to a shop and buying some little trinkets for her. Very girly I know. She was extremely excited the whole day. Next time I will get to choose what we do, I will need to think of what would be good to do but would prefer it to be more active and more non-girly to show her that there are more things to be done and be excited about in life than what the advertisement for girls tells you. Maybe an experiment “playland” or the adventure house where you have to solve the puzzle in every room in order to get through to the end. Ohh so many ideas!


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