It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do. – Moliere

Today I have found a new cookbook, I know, I have soo many but I’m still desperately trying to find one that would work for my new found knowledge on nutrition and something that my children would eat. The struggle is real! My new found food journey started when I read The food pharmacy book on antiinflammation diets and how different kind of food gives you inflammation in your body. I started reading it for my dad’s sake really, who was terribly ill and I wanted to try to help. Reading this book changed the way I looked at food and I started changing the way we eat as a family (we now don’t really have milk at home for example) and I started reading more books with similar topics and my interest grew. But my family have difficulties catching up with my speed on nutrition and children need more time to get used to new things (and husbands as it turns out). So, yet another new purchase has been made and this time I tried something different, I asked the children to look through the book and tell me two recipes that they would like to try. The interest all of a sudden got very high and dogears in the book have been made… onwards and forward we shall go!



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