Some people thrive on huge, dramatic change. Some people prefer the slow and steady route. Do what’s right for you. – Julie Morgenstern

I loooove the huge, dramatic changes. I search for them and get absorbed by them but I also realize that for true change that actually stays with you, small steps and the steady route is what is needed. Persistence is the key to any kind of real change, to keep with the new, day in and day out even though there is going to be times where it seems impossible. Exercise is a perfect example of this for me, I get hugely excited over a new gym, I sign up and I start going. At the end of the first or at the most the second month the interest is no longer there. I have managed to beat this now, by using the Sweat app I’m still on track and actually looking forward to the next session, I have never really had that before. Doing something consistently have rewired my brain and I actually can’t imagine being without it now.  I’m hoping that the new cookbook will now create momentum with the children so I can get them on board with a better food variation at home!


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