If you’ll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives. – Vince Lombardi

Today I went to a seminar about Singapore math. This is the kind of math that my children are currently using in their school and I took advantage of working in a school to attend the seminar to find out what this new way of math is all about. I loved it, I loved the simplicity of using Concrete (actual cubes to hold), Pictorial och Abstract (the numbers) stages throughout the school years.  It makes it incredibly easy to understand what a number is but also makes it quicker to add up and understanding division. What also made it great was that the starting point was with a low threshold which encouraged everybody to join in the discussion on how to solve the problem and if there were many ways of solving the problem.  The statistics in regards to results from those who use this kind of math speak for itself. I include a general website here so you can read a bit more about it if you should be interested.

Wonderful, the seminar leaders brought plenty of enthusiasm of course which always helps. So I’m now sold on this new way of introducing math and mathematical thinking.


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