Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty. – Doris Day

My life is full.. to the brink.. with things that more than often has very little to do with me as a person. Today, as per usual, there was plenty of things going on. I started the day by finding myself in the supermarket at 8 in the morning. There was no other time in the day to fit this in and as we had not done any food shopping the week before (frugal thinking, we eat what we have at home!) I needed to go and buy something to bring to the picknick with all of N’s friends from the nursery. I came home, put everything away, made sandwiches etc, and off we all go to the picknick. It turned out to be a nice day with some sun, the kids running around playing and adults drinking coffee and talking. At one we all went our separate way, and we continued to the next point in the plan for the day. E had a Harry Potter birthday party to go so changing in the car was a must to turn up as an elf/fairy(butterfly (you choose what you want to call yourself I told her). With that done we went home for 30 minutes and then the sons and I stepped out once again, this time for haircuts while the husband went to get E from the party. Then all home again, food cooking and then collapse on the sofa. Maybe an organization degree should be offered instead of taking care of baby classes after you give birth. I think it might come handier.


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