Every great mistake has a halfway moment, a split second when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied. – Pearl Buck

I have had a bike for years. It was my main source of transport when I was young, going to and from school (30 min ride each way, with ease, back then.. ) Two years ago I broght it down from my mum and dads house, we changed the tires and my husband bought and screwed a basket in the front (can’t have a bike without a basket) and since then it has sat nicely in the bikeroom in the celar not doing much but making me feel quilty every now and then. This summer things will change. My husband has now pumped the tires of both mine and his bike and new helmets have been purchased for the kids. We have even looked at a babyseat for the small one. We will be biking this summer (so help us God..) One of my co-workers leaves a tubestation further away from the school than I do and she bikes every day. It takes her 45 minutes. I should be able to do the same! So giriap as they say. Off we go (one day in the future ;-))


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