I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. – Confucius

Today its the nations birthday sort of speak and its celebrated… by finding new ways of getting the kids excited about cleaning. Not everyone celebrates in this way (in fact I’m quite confident that nobody celebrates in this way..) but we do.. or I do. Getting the kids involved in the cleaning is in itself a celebration so why not join the two? We have visitors tomorrow so today we clean and I’m tired of cleaning so… I made it into a game where the price is plus marks for the plus board we have at home (they save up plus to get stars which then converts to the cinema, bowling or similar), so the kids are all of a sudden interested. I add all the rooms /tasks that need to be done on post its on the freezer and after an intense moment of looking at each other as competitors, I scream …GOOOOO! and off they went (and me too but not in the same speed… at the end of the day I tend not do anything with my stars when I get them… and at the end of the day if I did use them I would use them to avoid doing cleaning so its a win-win to go slow for me). The flat is spotless within 45 min. Brilliant! Bring out the wine!



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