By living deeply in the present moment we can understand the past better and we can prepare for a better future. – Thich Nhat Hanh

The smallest member of the family has had a friend over for lunch and play. They are incredibly sweet together and although they come running through the flat screaming arghhhh in the most terrifying way they can achieve they are too cute. As the hours fly, they play fabulously together and you can see that they click. There is nothing that distracts them and they fill in each other sentences. Pure happiness shines through. The mum and I discuss and drink coffee and it hits me how important it is to have that kind of moment every now and then, one where you just sit and talk with someone, coffee in your hand and the kids playing nicely by themselves. It’s like balsam for the soul. It’s scientifically proven that friends (close friends that you can talk to about everything…) raise the happiness levels a notch, in Japan they have a specific group of people which you get “allocated” in early childhood that you spend time, talk to, listen to, do fun things with but also help financially should it be needed. Moai groups is a phenomenon which is very much a part of living in Okinawa which is one of the blue zones in the world. The scientist now believes that the fact that you have a group of people that you share things with actually prolongs your life. I need to start to look around for my “moai” group, to get coffee and talk to, maybe even get cake 😉


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