The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live. – Flora Whittemore

Tony Robbins keeps popping up in my life… I read about him in an article one day, some days later he appears in my Facebook scroll through, then he is mentioned in the Kardashians (which I never really watch but did yesterday…) to many coincidences I think. So I google him and find his website. The first page recommends a test, where you get to rate yourself in the seven different areas which are important to living a successful and inspired life. I rate low on all accounts… it’s staggering and a welcoming revelation. I sort of knew this, to be honest, that is the reason why I started this project, I wanted and needed change, but its another to hear somebody talk about what is important in life and realising that you feel far from where you want to be. Work and priorities need to be changed I think.


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