Be as you wish to seem. – Socrates

Today was deadlines for all the grades at school. Its a remarkable amount of work going into grades that most don’t know or think about. The teachers anguish over them for months and when they are done it gets into the administrative machine with different catalogues being printed out and signed by all teachers by subjects, double checked by the principle, then when complete the actual grades are printed out and controlled and signed by the principle in multiple copies. We had to change a person’s grades as something was missed out in the beginning and the whole process had to start all over. It’s not easy to find teachers in the last days of school.. and principles almost impossible.

I understood that there would be some sort of problems during the day when walking to school, very few things at work runs smoothly so when there is an opportunity for Murphy’s law to kick in it will. My attitude towards the problem really helped, I knew there would be problems, that I would be staying later than my hours and that there would be people panicking. I found my calm space and stayed there the whole day. It’s nice to not pick up on the stress and panic around you, I chose not to pick it up and was mighty proud achieving it afterwards.


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