It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living. – Eckhart Tolle

I can relate to the above, I’m also very bad at making decisions which makes it even more difficult to start living. With this project my life seems to be going in full speed forward, at least making the needle move in the right direction. Today was a mini step towards action, we have been going back and forth whether or not we should move again. We made a decision a while back that it would not make sense to move, it would cost us more than we are paying for the moment, we would get a smaller place all for about 5 minutes closer to the kids school (always at the heart of our decisions… the health and the opportunities for all family but with an importance of the children..). No one in their right mind would make such a choice unless they had to. So we are staying put. This has released a lot of breathing room as its been stressful thinking and then rethinking, but it has also released ideas on how to maximise the space we are in and today the salesperson for a local balcony glass came by and we signed the papers for having both balconies turned into small outside rooms. We will now be able to use the outside space more, we can add furniture and have the doors open without being terrified of the smallest one bring a step and climbing up and falling out of the balcony (he would easily do this, he already brings the steps around with him). I’m exited! It will be great having some outside space! I will buy some small pots and grow vegetables, it will give me that little bit of extra happy serum that you get from “pottering around in the garden”. Brilliant!


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