To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there. – Richard Bach

Expectation and time optimism is the rot to all evil I always say. Today, although an ambitious plan had been made, I had no expectation and I pushed forward things when I saw that things would not fit in the timeframe we hoped. The day was a success! The sun was shining, after going to KFC (and yes I know that this should not be something I do but they have just opened one in Sweden and memories from a prior life made it a fun thing to checkout.. I’m over it now..), I managed to go to the oldest prison in Sweden ( I don’t know why I find it so fascinating but I love history and reading about peoples life a long time ago). The kids were happy running around looking at prison clothes, cells and outside breakyards. We had a quick look at the beach which was below but we didn’t have any bathing clothes so we moved swiftly on to the next destination which was an outside play area for the kids based on a very popular detective story for kids here in Sweden. The houses were very well made, most two stories and they had plenty of nice things to discover for the kids (apart from A who now is sooo beyond this kind of activity), we spend an hour there and then went home. The whole day was spent without stress, without screaming and the kids were happy as well. A miracle indeed.


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