But I have turmeric at my side so I do not worry! The kids’ illness seems to have moved over to me, I feel my throat and everything is a bit more hard to do. I’m going my goal planer for the habit course I signed up for and today’s question is what is it that happens that makes you stop all the good habits that you have built up? Very appropriate day to land on I must say. Illness is one of the biggest thieves when it comes to me not continuing with the gym or healthy food or another good habit. Illness both in regards to me being ill or the kids being ill. The second point that I thought of is “special events”, like a holiday or someone visiting or us visiting someone else. It’s difficult to keep up with an in-home exercise regime if you have other persons staying at your home. Me doing exercise is not something that is easy on the eyes I would dare to say.

But now.. onward for the turmeric!


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