I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. – Stephen Covey –

Today I started summer school for the oldest child (the middle child jumped strait in rearing to go even before school finished… of course, in some cases she is her mother’s daughter), he choose math and after some sighs actually really liked it, it was time alone with me, he got so much affirmation and learned a new way to calculate division, so smiles all around at the end of it. We had a talk about why we were doing before starting and he realized that it actually was in his best interest (rather than me being annoying as he originally thought). The learning curve for children that do not do any kind of studying/reading etc during the breaks are much higher with more effort needed to get back on track. Most teachers agonize over the fact that they have to repeat everything from previous year all the way through to the autumn break until the kids are ready to learn something new. It’s frustrating for the teacher and it’s heavy on the children and the results in the national exams are going down. More importantly is that the children gain a growth mind and work ethic early on, they also learn to plan their time which to be honest more people should learn earlier. So I feel good!


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