Today E woke up with her eye red and completely shut. She has had some problems for a while now with itching and pain but last night it got worse and this morning significantly worse… so we went to the eye hospital. Apparently she has small wholes on her retina… and the inside of both her eyelids are like cobbled stones, which apparently is a sign of allergy. Sigh… she now has antibiotics which has to be administered five times a day, something the school won’t do. So she is coming with me to work tomorrow. It sure how that will pan out… after that we went quickly to Ikea to pick up the oldest sons new desk and bookcase followed in rapid pace home, unload, in to town (with all children – husband) picking up his friend and then all the way back through town to go to a new playground which has a skatepark, which was too difficult for them and then tooo boooring according to the friend. Which means I after a while pack all the kids in the car (to the smallest ones unhappiness as he had just found the trampoline). Home and now we have to drive the friend home. I’m done, and it makes me wonder where I went wrong. How is it possible that I spend the whole day driving kids around for various different reasons and not getting any thanks (booorring) or time for me or to sit down? I’m not sure… You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with / your 5 friends. Well I think we need to make some changes in the sons choices as well I think…. gratefulness, see opportunities when things don’t work out the way you thought , positivity and laughter is what I want for my kids and my self for that matter, not the opposite so cuts are being made. (Also tea because ohhh). At least I completed my streaks goal of plank and water this morning.


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