The second day of this journey and the real work has begun.

Where does one start to find out who they are, who they really are not just a rose-tinted glasses version of oneself?

I’m looking into personality tests hoping that they will define me, at least to give me a good starting point however generic. Personality test seems to be one of the most popular free-time activity that millions of people spend time on. Everyone seems to be searching for themselves. I managed to find a list of the 10 best / most used personality test that are currently being used by either private people or companies.

The most well-known test is the Myers Briggs test which was first published in 1944 and have been used since then by companies and private people to establish personality traits and compatibility with others. I did a free test from 16 personalities which is based on Myers Briggs. The result I got was ISFJ (Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging). The rapport it generated was not specific enough for me, but I guess that’s the criticism that it has received, I don’t know if the rapport from the original Myers Briggs test generates a different rapport. It also gave me the below list of strength and weaknesses, which again is very generic but also close to what I see in myself.

Reliable and Patient
Imaginative and Observant
Loyal and Hard-Working
Good Practical Skills
Humble and Shy
Take Things Too Personally
Repress Their Feelings
Overload Themselves
Reluctant to Change
Too Altruistic


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