Today I have tried a slightly different approach when it comes to going to the gym, I brought my own personal trainer.. in the shape of an app. I tried Sweat from Kayla Itsines and I most say the plan is ambitious. She has workouts for every day, no rest for the wicked they say.. puh. I started off light and it will gradually increase apparently. I would be quite happy for it to stay at this level, to be honest, I feel like I have been tortured somehow. My legs (which is the exercise I did today) are weak and do not really carry me very well, there is a pain inside my bum checks. Not the surrounding tissue/muscles but internally, bizarre.  But this is somehow you want to feel after a workout, that is how you know that it is working right?

I did find going to the gym in this way more interesting and I will try to continue with this set up for the week. We will see how long I survive..


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