Third day in a row with Sweat, and I realise that I’m so far away from in shape that it might take years to get fit. Well, maybe not that bad but today I nearly crashed. This app does not give you any “handicap points” at all, its full steam ahead, try to keep up!

Arms and abs were difficult, I nearly gave up, there is a limit to the number of push-ups you can do before you collapse. It does feel good now though and I celebrated with making bangers and mash with “proper” gravy. Me and my husband were extremely happy, kids less so as they are used to a different type of sausage (and to be honest sausages has been banned from our house about a year ago when I found out that it was directly linked to cancer so they probably have lost the taste of it now).

Tomorrow I have a relaxing day planned, I’m finally using the gift voucher for a spa that my husband gave me two years ago. It’s amazing how time flies. I will use the time to reflect on the month that has now passed. I’m really happy that I managed to stay with this blog for this long, it’s a great new habit which makes me think about things that happened over the day and it makes the day somehow stand out.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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