How hard can it be to set a habit? Today it was easy!

I still feel refreshed after my spa day yesterday, I felt it all day at work and also when I went to the gym this afternoon. There was chaos at work today, unexplained messy chaos and everybody was involved in solving it including me (of course, the first stop is my office ;-)). It didn’t touch me for some magical reason, I continued smiling and ploughing through all the problems and emails. Great! It also confirms the point that it’s very important to look after yourself.

When I reached the gym and started doing the set of exercise for today it didn’t feel heavy or hard at all although it was a full body workout today, both of the previous days together in one glorious workout, yep being sarcastic). The laying down to situp that I could not do on Tuesday I all of a sudden flew through.. I did, however, manage to mess up my right leg when doing cool down and I’m now in pain but still I feel like I have climbed a mountain!

Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made. – Wayne Dyer

See you tomorrow!


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