Today I have done some reviewing of my life. I found this handy Annual Review System by Cathryn at Little Might. It’s a workbook which gives you a set of question about the year that has just finished. It made me think about what a full year I have had and that my stress levels were always high due to all of the things that I tried to squeeze into my life. I started a new job, lost my dad to cancer, started a new fitness regime with gym practice and learned how to meditate (which I guess was the one thing that helped me through the past six months) all this while my “normal” life with three children (and all their activity) continued on the sideline. It’s almost strange that I didn’t collapse. Instead, I kept going, full steam ahead. What does that say about me as a person? Well, I’m choosing to see things from the positive side and say that I’m able to take on a lot and run with it. The negative side is that I’m not very good at checking in with myself by the looks of things. I need to set up a “red flag” system when I’m automatically adding more things to my to do list or want to do list.

Reflecting was a powerful tool that I had completely forgotten about, I will try to do something similar on a quarterly basis, that way maybe my flags will show up sooner!

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards” — Steve Jobs

Hand with Reflecting Sphere
January 1935

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