This morning I had the joy of waking up without the rest of the household being awake. There is something magical about sitting in a quiet home (which is normally filled with so much noise) and have breakfast. It gives me a moment to breathe, a moment to be in the space without being stressed over all the things that should be done or telling the children that they should be doing homework. This morning I took the opportunity to read a chapter in a book I was supposed to read over Christmas, Jeanette Winterson’s Christmas days. It once again showed me the power of reflection and the need for the right priorities in life. The book talks at the beginning of all the Christmas presents that we feel the need to get and Christmas food that we prepare every year for our family while the need for more is unwarranted and there are many that are without. It also talks about how when we were young we noticed things more clearly, the frost on the trees, the birds going in and out of the birdhouse, rings on the water where we had just thrown a stone. These things and similar hardly ever gets noticed any longer as we have too busy lives, trying to achieve as much as possible before we die, or preferably by Monday.

I will make time every day to try to re-discover these things again, bringing a little bit of wonder in my life.

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