Everything can be taken from a man but the last of the human freedoms to choose ones attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose ones own way. – Victor Frankl

Amen to that! Its been a rough week, and it’s still not finished. There has been illness, both me and also the smallest child. There has been chaos at work and vomiting at home in the middle of the night, an interrupted week is what I would say. Routines have gone out the window and unsettlement has crept into the household. Apart from my yoga sessions. I have today completed a full month of gym activities three times a week + extra for a month. I thought about it and I don’t think that I have ever achieved that before. I have gone regularly to the gym, twice a week and maybe even three times a week certain periods but not every week for a month. There was always something that made me miss one or two sessions or the whole week. This time I have chosen to carry on irrelevant of chaos around me. I think to be honest that its down to the app that I’m using. I’m enjoying it but more importantly, I don’t have an excuse not to do it as I can do it at home. So here’s to persistence and the force of choosing!


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