A week has gone past already and its time to sum up what I have learned and thought about this week. Have I managed to ….”find myself” … as the target I set up at the beginning of the week?

I have done two personality test, two strengths test and a personal annual review for 2018. The conclusion is that they all state the same things (what a relief!). The test that I connected the most with was the High 5 test. I recognise myself the most in the statements that the rapport showed, but then again the others seem to be saying the same things just using different words.

I’m a problem solver that delivers what I have promised, team members at work know that they can ask me anything and that I normally solve the problem. I tend to jump on new ideas quickly and run with them, I’m energetic and full of zest, ready for adventures. I sound like a superhero. I agree on the above (and the fact that I’m a superhero), but there is always a darker side to the coin that nobody wants to talk about. I don’t have any big dark secrets but I do have weaknesses. Only one of the test that I took talked about weaknesses, I take things too personally, repress my feelings, overload myself and I’m too altruistic which people pick up and use against me. I also state that I’m reluctant to change, which is strange considering I’m usually the first one that comes up with new ideas. If I think about it, it might relate to big changes, like moving countries or changing jobs. I have done both of these things frequently in my life but it now feels harder to consider when I would just say yes previously. 

Although important to know your strengths (which it might be difficult to know unless you are great at self-awareness) I also think that the weaknesses are important to know. Potentially even more important, if I know my weaknesses I would be able to see the impact they have on my life (which I might even be unaware of) and gives me a possibility to change.  

I will look into my weaknesses next week to continue my self-awareness theme. I will also start a new theme – The Gym! A healthy body creates a healthy mind they say so I have to add this to my life.

Thank you for week 1.

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