Last night I managed to find another Yoga website which gives me a whole range of research opportunities. I signed up to Yoga International yesterday for a free trial month. They have plenty to read, research and do I discovered. I was mesmerized by one of the instructors who seem to be supernaturally flexible with an impressive strength to back it up. I want to be like her! Amazing! So, this morning I started with a morning yoga class that they offered. Goddess pose, need I say more?! I’m not sure if I will manage to do this every morning but it was nice to start the day with a bit of a flow.

This week is nutrition week if I’m following the schedule, my plan is to rather than looking through more and more books I will start to create a plan for next week. I have been adding more and more vegetables in the cooking but it’s not going down well with the kids (but I’m more stubborn than them..) I need to somehow sneak the vegetables in the cooking rather than just on the side, that way there might be a chance that they will eat it (even if we will still have to insist of course). So the plan for the week is to create this kind of clever food plan, start up again with the gym routine and breath every once in a while. 😉

See you tomorrow!

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