My app Reflectly greeted me this morning with today’s task. Spend 10 minutes today and write down where you are in your life and where you’re heading. It seems like the universe want me to sit down and write this down. I wonder why I work against it so much… could I be scared of the work needed once the goal and tasks to get there are set? Am I scared of failing? Is it too difficult to do without strict guidelines? I’m not sure but for some reason I’m indirectly fighting this it seems. Hmm

So where am I now in my life (oh the anxiety just writing that…)? I have a husband, three children, a large flat quite close to town and a job I actually for some reason really enjoy (although some days I want to run away but I guess that goes for all workplaces). I’m fairly healthy and fairly fit.

Where am I heading? I want to head in a direction which makes me have more fun. I would like to be able to do yoga in a similar way like the instructors in the apps I have used, strong body carrying me through life. I want to be able to do more thing with the kids which is fun for both me and them.

How do I achieve this (and this is key, right!)?

I would like to find a hobby that I enjoy and that challenge me and that gets me out of the house so it really becomes my hobby. I will need to continue with yoga, advancing the levels each time to build strength. In regards of the kids and me I think I need to introduce them to things that I enjoy (like particular museums) maybe one at the time at least in the beginning and then spend time with them doing what they like (which could be easier in the summer with all the outdoor races etc for families).

Wow that was difficult but it feels good to have made a start!


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