E has had problems with her stomach for a while, it comes and goes and it doesn’t seem to be connected to food at least not in a way that we can figure out. Yesterday when she was at her basketball training (and me and N was there for a change) she collapsed on the field and got sever stomach pains, crying and not wanting to move. I didn’t see what happened as I was trying to entertain N in the corridor not to distract the team. After discussion it was decided that we would go to the hospital to check it out. She had to do the normal check ups and then we waited, and waited. We spent nearly 10 hours (thankfully in a room) at the hospital. This is when I discovered that although they only had 4 normal channels they also had Netflix, and someone had left their account logged in. Great!

They still don’t know what the problem with E is of course but we have been given powder for constipation as that is the easiest way to go (and to be honest I hope it’s this!). We will go back after a month or so to see if there is any improvement. 10 hours is a long time… and what I concluded is that I realized that we don’t give E enough (according to her) attention, the other children gets a vibe more of logical reasons. I have heard myself saying to the school when they have phoned claiming E has stomach problems or feels ill that she might act like this when something has happened with one of her friends or she doesn’t get to do something she want to do (stand first in line etc). I don’t know why I haven’t reacted to my own words before, if she creates this kind of situation because she feels it’s the only way to get attention then the fault is on us, if she really has a problem with the stomach but we don’t investigate it as we think she is making it up or making it sound worse than it is then again the fault is on us. However way I turn this the fault comes back to us and I need to correct it.

So.. it was still good that we went to the hospital yesterday (although I could have done without the 10 hours and getting home at 4 in the morning), we then invested time in her, took her seriously and investigated if there was an actual physical problem. Although doing this project I completely lost track on the importance of this problem.

It’s good to have been able to reflect and therefore be able to change!


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