Times flies when you are having fun they say. It’s gone 90 days since I started this journey/ project. 90 days! Wow that flew by.

The big question is if I see / feel any change?! Have I made the needle move in the right direction, am I where I wanted to be in comparison to the goal?

I think I have done rather well to be honest. My attitude towards life has changed and although I still get overwhelmed at times and never feel like I have done enough I actually have a lot during these first three months. A good start!

I have started and continued with a gym routine, missed a week but picked it up again. The routine started or was solidified with the Sweat app. I checked in every day even if it was just to confirm on a Sunday that I had rested. Persistence and commitment!

I experimented with different types of diets and tried to add more vegetables into the households diet with negative persistent kids saying nooo. I didn’t give in and I actually see a change in them. They mostly still don’t like vegetables but I can see the shift, it’s not so difficult to convince them now, or rather they now that I don’t give in so they just eat it now (apart from the small one who completely refused a full meal today).

Me and my husband go on daydates and it’s fantastic! It’s so much fun, just to be out the two of us and also to be able to see something different.

I still have things which is not where I had hoped that they would be, I don’t have enough time for reflection or meditation. I signed up for Headspace but have only signed in once and found myself too stressed to focus. I need to do better in this area, I think it will flow through to all other areas.

I also need to think about portion control, I don’t snack or eat sugar (at least very rarely) but I do eat while I’m cooking and then a full portion of food as well. I would probably continue eating until I blew up if there was no one to share the food with. I eat healthy food but I eat too much of it. I need to correct that as well.

All in all a fantastic start to the year!


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