Today, considering the week that has been and the weekend without rest, I fell bone tired. Like I have not slept for years. I find it hard to face tomorrow’s work, E got a cold and N has been blocked in his nose all day so on some level I’m hoping to stay at home tomorrow, to recover, however much you recover with two kids at home. I have only done one exercise session this week and I feel my waist again, like a nice rubber wheel which would help me float if I would fall from a boat. I obviously downloaded another one of the gym apps to try and discovered in their plank challenge that I can easily do the plank for over a minute. Which doesn’t sound much but I remember shaking after 20 seconds before so over a minute is fantastic, it must be the yoga exercises that I have been doing. It’s great to see the results of something you have been working hard on, it also reignited my wish to restart my practice again. And the world is somewhat bright again.


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